My Career Goals and What I Want To Do

My Career Goals and What I Want To Do

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Written: January 25, 2013 
Published: September 20, 2017
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My Career Goals and What I Want To Do After Graduation

Career Goals

I have already achieved my greatest career goal. Both of my great-grandparents were sharecroppers. My grandfather could only sign his name with an “x.” Therefore, I believe I owe my education to my great-grandparents and my ancestors who sacrificed their lives for me. Therefore, my greatest career goal is valuing my education. My ancestors sacrificed their lives for my freedom and education. Therefore, I would be slighting their sacrifices and contributions to humanity if I did not value my education and freedom.  

Current Studies

I am a University Honors student earning a dual degree in Finance and Broadcast Journalism. Most people assume that the dual degree is one degree and two majors. As a friendly note, I highlight that my degree differs from a double major because it consists of two degrees. Currently, I enjoy building mutually rewarding relationships with professors, faculty, alumni, peers, and other career professionals. My academic studies have proven to be meaningful because I embrace grasping the knowledge from my studies. I would rather apply knowledge to real-world circumstances than only learn the information just to pass a test. In this way, I ensure that I gain a cohesive understanding of the information. More importantly, I maximize my monetary investment.

After Graduation

Some begin searching for a job after college. Others pursue their master’s degree or even law school. I too, appreciate that those options are waiting for me if I choose to pursue them. However, my greatest purpose is to become a good mother and wife. Earning degrees do not ensure that I will fulfill that duty. Naturally, my academic, professional, and personal achievements will enable me to explore unlimited options. Some may misunderstand my choice. However, I embrace my true purpose.

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