Ballou: A Film Documentary

Ballou: A Film Documentary

Course: LIT 101: College Writing Seminar
Written: February 12, 2012 

Published: September 17, 2017
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Summarizing and Paraphrasing: Writing What Others Say


Filmed in Southeast, D.C., “Ballou: A Documentary Film,” directed by Michael Patrei, offers a window into the poverty-stricken lives of Ballou Senior Highschool’s marching band, better known as “The Marching Knights.” In an effort to escape the pitfalls of street life, students discover the antidotes to failure as they prepare to compete in the National Band Competition.  Under the positive guidance of their band director, Mr. Watson, and other alumni-volunteers, students learn that success is not measured in trophies.  In contrast, success is achieved by applying the universal principals of success such as perseverance, passion, teamwork, and discipline.  

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