Destiny R. Jackson  on Meeting God Half Way

Destiny R. Jackson on Meeting God Half Way


Destiny R. Jackson shares her personal story on being denied student loans. Read her letter: 

Hi friends, Due to a lack of college funds and a lack of lending, my family and I were denied private and plus loans. The balance was more than $5,800. Grants were thin. Restricted scholarships were scarce. I was told "no" several times. Appeal, after appeal, after appeal. The time I need information the most, I was given wrong information. I began to react off of wrong information from financial advisors at the school. I even sent emails that weren't responded to by leadership. 

I cried not knowing whether I would be able to attend next semester. But I kept pushing and asking. And on the 1st day of school, I was approved for more federal loans. My balance was reduced by $3,200. While some may say that's  just a little bit, I'm grateful.  With persistence and faith, I currently have a balance of approximately $2,700, with a payment plan. My takeaways are:

  • Never to loose faith. 
  • To keep asking, even when you're told no. 
  • To be grateful.

Surely, Destiny R. Jackson



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