Destiny R. Jackson on Meeting God Half Way


Destiny R. Jackson shares her personal story on being denied student loans. Read her letter: 

Hi friends, Due to a lack of college funds and a lack of lending, my family and I were denied private and plus loans. The balance was more than $5,800. Grants were thin. Restricted scholarships were scarce. I was told "no" several times. Appeal, after appeal, after appeal. The time I need information the most, I was given wrong information. I began to react off of wrong information from financial advisors at the school. I even sent emails that weren't responded to by leadership. 

I cried not knowing whether I would be able to attend next semester. But I kept pushing and asking. And on the 1st day of school, I was approved for more federal loans. My balance was reduced by $3,200. While some may say that's  just a little bit, I'm grateful.  With persistence and faith, I currently have a balance of approximately $2,700, with a payment plan. My takeaways are:

  • Never to loose faith. 
  • To keep asking, even when you're told no. 
  • To be grateful.

Surely, Destiny R. Jackson



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