Destiny R. Jackson on "No Fear to Speak"

Destiny R. Jackson on "No Fear to Speak"

For the first time in my life, I told my biological dad(in prison), why I never called him "Daddy." I didn't want to compromise the relationship I had with with my step-father (out of the love and respect I have for him). It took courage to tell my biological dad, how I really felt. At first, I thought he wouldn't understand. Once I told him, he said:

"Awww, don't make me cry. It's okay."

That meant a lot to me. What made this moment so special was that I had this phone conversation  in-front of my step-father. After the 20-minute phone limit ended, I didn't know how my step-dad would feel. My step-dad was in tears and began telling me a story about his childhood that I had never heard since he's been in my life. That meant a lot to me. I learned that when coming from an authentic place, it's best to say how you feel. Words filled with lovingkindness--quite special. 



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