Destiny R. Jackson on Calling It Like You See It

Destiny R. Jackson shares a personal experience that solidifies the importance of meeting students' needs in higher education. Read her letter:

When you're paying for college and meeting requirements, don't be afraid to speak your truth. One of my Communications professors pegged my grading against other students in the class. Subjective grading leads to a breeding ground of bias. 

You must speak your truth. As students, we must demand proper communication, equanimity, and clarity. 

Too many professors are grading students and they themselves haven't been rewarded or recognized in their industry. This is an essential problem in higher education.  This is why I fight so hard to raise funds for students to attend college. But, we aren't going to allow these funds to be wasted.  God is always on the side of truth.  Together we will, Destiny R. Jackson

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