Thou Shalt Not Steal

Thou Shalt Not Steal


This teaching has been heavy on my heart for some days now. As children of incarcerated parents, its our duty to echo right judgement and mindful actions in everything we do. At the same time, I want you to understand, and be very cautious to the fact that individuals from all walks of life (regardless of their "man-given" title) may attempt to exploit us, exploit our talents, exploit our stories, or even attempt to slight us.

For this reason, we must not align ourselves with individuals who aren't good influences or in our best interests. 

Last semester, I enrolled in an honors class that analyzed the levels of injustice in U.S. prisons and towards prisoners. On the surface, one would form the perception that a professor spearheading this topic in such an academic setting may be rational-minded and perhaps more ethical. But, that would be making a snap judgement. Earlier last week, the very same professor attempted to steal publishing rights and ownership to a poem that I submitted for a final project during last semesters class. I never granted him permission to do such a thing!

To be succinct, I ironed out the kinks some days ago and requested in writing that he immediately remove any and all of my literary work from his publishing company and publications. I also emphasized to him that the action of doing such without my permission reflects blatant copyright infringement, injustice, deceit, and poor moral conduct.

In lesson, the Yahweh in me, wants to touch the Yahweh in you with this message: M editate on Exodus 20:15 and apply it to your everyday life. Learn from the shortcomings of others, rather than succumbing to them.

With love and enlightenment,

Disciple Destiny 

P.S. Here's the poem that Robert Johnson attempted to steal and publish. If you see it anywhere else outside of, let me know.  


Abstract: My final project consist of an interview with my Dad, an inmate of 22 years. In the interview, we discuss his recent court date for a sentence modification in front of a 3-judge panel, his life, and his case. For the presentation today, I decided to write a poem reflecting on my perspective with addressing the 3-judge panel on my Dad's behalf his sentence modification on April 18, 2014. This poem is my interpretation of the players’ points of view in sequential order.

Ruthful Passover


Home: Relaxing

Courthouse: Reality of Judgement, not Redemption

Courtroom: wood. panel. benches. quiet. tension. court Reporter. security.



Prosecutor: Reaccuse. Ridiculous. Rage. Reckless.

will the real victim please stand up?

Defense: Rebuttal. Reformed. Rehabilitation. Restitution.

will the real victim please stand up?

Me: Realist. Reserved. Remorseful. Resourceful.

will the real victim please stand up?

Judge 1: Law god "Reduction in sentence denied. 4 life sentences + 120."

Judge 2: Law god "Reduction in sentence denied. 4 life sentences + 120."

Judge 3: Law god "Reduction in sentence denied. 4 life sentences + 120."

will the real victim please stand up?

END 1300


Dad: Ramifications. Handcuffs. Restrained.

will the real victim please stand up?

Judges think they high as I, YHWH is the Ruler 


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