Statement by Destiny Jackson on Remembering Julian Bond

Statement by Destiny Jackson on Remembering Julian Bond

Transcribed remarks are below.

Julian Bond was a leader who added value to the fabric of our society. And I'm privileged to say that he also was a great mentor and one of my former honors professors.

During my freshman year, Mr. Bond lead the class Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement. Not only was this one of my most intellectually stimulating classes, it was one where Socratic questioning and reasoning was nurtured. Mr. Bond fostered that perfectly. I always admired the way in which Mr. Bond shared stories and added humor. He truly mastered the art of teaching.

I vividly remember meeting with Mr. Bond during office hours where he would share advice at any given moment and answer my questions with enthusiasm.

I also am forever grateful for Mr. Bond's willingness to write a letter of recommendation for me for the White House Internship in 2013.

I send my prayers to his family.

And I thank the Heavenly Father for blessing me with the opportunity to have shared positive memories with one of our country's greatest leaders.

 -Destiny Jackson

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