Updates To Our Prayer Page!

Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;

-Colossians 4:2


Happy Tuesday, My Loves!

You requested a change to our "Prayers" page. I devoted weeks of research to ensure that your request is fulfilled. GOD is so GOOD! Without further ado, show some love to our: 


I am so glad GOD touched my heart with a way to fulfill your requests, despite some current CMS design limitations that we just have to work around. But nevertheless, we improved the way your prayers are published and viewed!

Increased visibility. Greater interactivity. Automatic publishing. Just for you.

Now, our prayers and messages are visible. I can reply to your prayers. You can reply to other prayers. And if you pray for someone else, then your prayer recipient can view your prayer. So, all of our prayers and responses will be viewable in one central location. Yay!


Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

-Matthew 5:16


We couldn't do the latter with our previous "Prayers" page because your precious prayers were stored in a digital dashboard, that only I can see. Nevertheless though, you still can view the ministries and causes that need your prayer on our previous "Prayers" page.

Below, read the insightful answers to some lingering questions that you may have!

In love and light,



How do I post a prayer?

Write your prayer in the comment box. Once you are finished writing, click the "POST COMMENT" button to share your prayer. 

How do I reply to a prayer?

Write your reply message in the comment box. At the beginning of your message, mention the person that you are replying to. Here are some examples:

  • Dear [Enter the username of the person you are replying to]
  • Hey [Enter their username of the person you are replying to]
  • God bless you [Enter their username of the person you are replying to]

When will my prayers become visible?

Your prayer message will become visible for our community to see after the prayer is approved. To enhance our digital safety, all prayer messages are moderated before they are published. 

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Cayetano Aranda Galiano

God bless you GOD for never pray for you since i think world go better if anyone pray for you, now i know Who is god and why i left praying you, now i know why you are in minds of everyone. Thats why too many people think you are dead but now i know it’s a lovely day because now i know why i should be blessed all my Life. Thank you for let me knowing Who is god.

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