Press Release: Destiny Jackson to Walk A Mile on Friday, June 10, 2016—International Awareness Day for Kids of Incarcerated Parents

Livestreamed broadcast enables viewers to join Destiny during her 
mile-walk journey with the hashtag #DestinyWalksForKidsWithParentsInPrison

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June 6, 2016
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MARYLAND (June 6, 2016)— What is the founder of the Destiny Jackson Foundation doing this Friday on June 10, 2016? Destiny will walk 1 mile—5,280 feet—to support children with parents in prison. This event marks the Destiny Jackson Foundation’s first time celebrating International Awareness Day for children with incarcerated parents. Here’s how you can join: 

  • Take the Mile Challenge: Make a difference and walk 1 mile in support of the cause
  • Tag 5 Friends Right Now: Invite 5 friends to walk 1 mile in support of the cause
  • Share The Message: Use these 3 hashtags on social media to show your support: #DestinyWalksForKidsWithParentsInPrison, #KIPAwarenessDay, and #AllKidsMatter

    For this event, the Destiny Jackson Foundation has partnered with Fostering, Empowering, and Advocating Together for Children of Incarcerated Parents (F.E.A.T)—a Canadian non-profit organization supporting children affected by parental incarceration.

    “I’ve dedicated my life to helping my precious children with moms and dads in prison. When F.E.A.T contacted us to help spearhead awareness on Friday, June 10, 2016—of course I said yes,” acknowledged Destiny Jackson, founder of the Destiny Jackson Foundation.

    The livestream of Destiny's 1-mile walk will be available here: Viewers can share their comments on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the 3 hashtags:

    1. #DestinyWalksForKidsWithParentsInPrison 
    2. #KIPAwarenessDay
    3. #AllKidsMatter

    About The Destiny Jackson Foundation and KIP Awareness Day
    The Destiny Jackson Foundation helps children with parents in prison. For more information, visit International Awareness Day for Kids of Incarcerated Parents is scheduled in June—the 6 month of the year—as research infers that children with parents in prison are around 6x more likely to follow in their parents footsteps(1). We walk on the 10th day of June because more than 50% of children lose their mom or dad to prison before their 10th birthday(2).



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      Tacarra Paige

      Hello, I am in Las Vegas and I would love to help. My dream was always to open a non profit organization for children in Oakland Ca where I am originally from. I moved to Las Vegas to make a better life for my 3 children then I lost the only 2 people I had. My mom died then my husband of 12 years went to PRISON. My children were 4,6 and 7 at the time. I have been doing research trying to find ways to still reach my dream and getting my children involved as well.

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