Host a Fundraiser and Video Chat with Destiny!

Host a Fundraiser and Video Chat with Destiny!

How can you begin making a difference for our kids with parents in prison? It's simple. And it all can begin in your local community. With more than 2.7 million children in the U.S. with a parent in prison, we invite you to join our community of fervent fundraisers who are dedicated to shielding our kids with parents in prison from educational hardship and the school-to-prison pipeline.

It's folks like you that motivate other people to become champions of good action for our kids with parents in prison. Your voice and your action changes lives. What a way to devote your time and talents! 

One of the best ways to start making a real difference is by joining local supporters together. Your attendees may include friends, family, neighbors, peers, and colleagues. You can arrange meetings at your home, a local park, or a library. You also can arrange virtual meetings via Skype and Google Hangout! View our Fundraising Toolkit.

As a host, your meeting agenda may look something like this:

  • Host Intro: Introduce yourself and share why you support the Destiny Jackson Foundation.
  • Group Intros: Invite everyone to share their names with the group, along with their relation to you.
  • Icebreaker: Encourage everyone to share a fun fact about themselves! The host should go first! 
  • Education: Share statistics that provide insight on the hardships of mass incarceration as a whole and for kids with parents in prison. Here's some stats at a glance for you.
  • Encouragement: Share how your attendees can help you support The Destiny Jackson Foundation's efforts for kids with parents in prison. Here's a start. 

If you and your team raise a minimum of $2,000, then you'll receive a personal video-chat call from Destiny!

Without you, progressive change isn't possible. 

Find out more ways to become a partner here:


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