Founder, Destiny Jackson Speaks On The Discrimination Plague

Founder, Destiny Jackson Speaks On The Discrimination Plague

Children of incarcerated parents face discrimination. In schools, the discrimination is evident. A new study verified that students of color are discriminated against on a routine basis. 1 in 9 children of color have a Mom or Dad in prison.

The social stigma that they face socially and academically is overwhelming. These children often feel out of place and unsupported. On the topic of discrimination in schools amongst children of incarcerated parents, Destiny highlighted that:

"These kids know discrimination all too well. They experience discrimination two fold—both in school and socially. Statistically speaking, minorities are at a disadvantage academically. We must provide them with the resources, support, and education they need to thrive ."

Together, we can change this. Make a donation today to invest in the futures of society's most at-risk minority childrenkids of incarcerated parents. Share this message with everyone you know. Let's make a difference that matters.

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