22 Positive Questions To Ask Your Parent in Prison

22 Positive Questions To Ask Your Parent in Prison

Cultivating love and bonding with our parents in prison is amazing. Questions are a wonderful way to learn more about our parents. Questions also tell us more about our parents' personality.

One collateral consequence of parent incarceration is something that I like to refer to as emotional disenfranchisement. This is just a fancy way of expressing the emotional disconnection that we may feel with our parents being in prison. One remedy to emotional disenfranchisement is positive questioning: asking our parents in prison questions that allow us to learn more and create positive memories. 

I became inspired to share this article with you after creating a birthday card for my father in prison. My father's birthday is in 3 more days. Today, I created a card for him that allows him to write answers to the following questions that I am sharing with you in this article. Here is a picture of the inside of his card. His birthday card is formatted like a tri-fold brochure, so he can fold it. 

Here are the 22 positive personal questions to ask you parents in prison. You can divide the questions into 3 categories, just like I did in the card above. Six month or 1 year from now, feel inclined to ask your parent Question No. 9 through Question No. 22. Did any of their responses change? What responses remained the same?

22 Positive Personal Questions:

  1. What is your first, middle, and last name?
  2. What is your age today?
  3. What is your birthplace?
  4. What is your birthdate?
  5. Who is your birth father?
  6. Who is your birth mother?
  7. Who is (are) your birth siblings?
  8. Who are your birth child(ren)?
  9. What is your favorite scripture (or maxim)?
  10. What is your favorite color?
  11. What is your favorite food?
  12. What is your favorite book?
  13. What is your favorite TV Show?
  14. What is your favorite movie?
  15. What is your favorite place?
  16. What is your favorite memory?
  17. What is your favorite dream (as in a dream while sleeping)?
  18. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
  19. What are your 3 wishes?
  20. What are your 3 areas of improvement?
  21. What are your 3 goals?
  22. What are 3 milestones or 3 success that you are proud of?

May you continue to cultivate love and positivity with your parent in prison.

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