Press Release: Introducing The Grammar Series—Helping Students With Parents In Prison

Press Release: Introducing The Grammar Series—Helping Students With Parents In Prison

Helping Students With Parents In Prison
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August 23, 2016
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MARYLAND (August 23, 2016)—What does grammar have to do with the academic literacy of a student? Everything.

While some may question the significance of students mastering grammar, we understand that grammar mastery fosters intellectual, cognitive strides for any student.

As the cornerstone of our written and spoken language, grammar mastery complements the skills sets of every great writer, speaker, teacher, doctor, lawyer, judge, engineer—and beyond. Quite naturally, we want our kids with parents in prison to become assets to society—not another body in a prison cell.

In salience, students with parents in prison are 6x more likely to fall victim to the school-to-prison pipeline. And millions of American children have a parent in prison. In implication, we can infer that millions of our students are 6x more susceptible to enter the school-to-prison pipeline. In the words of our founder, Destiny Jackson:

"Classroom to prison cell, classroom to prison cell, classroom to prison cell...This repetitive cycle must be eradicated. The school-to-prison pipeline may be dismaying, but it is defeatable. We need to redirect the focus," acknowledged our founder, Destiny Jackson.

Friday, July 1, 2016 marked our publication genesis of grammar video lessons for students with parents in prison. New videos are published regularly.

"Learning tools must be readily available and accessible—regardless of waning parental support or financial roadblocks. Our precious kids with parents in prison can access these educational lessons without time or location as a barrier," remarked Destiny Jackson.

Some of our amazing and recent grammar videos include:

If your parent is in prison, watch and share your grammar videos infinitely. If you truly care about seeing our kids thrive today and tomorrow, contribute to their success and give now—not because we said so, but because you truly are a champion of good action.

About The Destiny Jackson Foundation 
The Destiny Jackson Foundation helps children with parents in prison. For more information, visit Also, read our about page.

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