Destiny's Wish List

Have you ever wanted to contribute in a meaningful way, but did not know how? 

Today is your day. GOD led you here for a reason. Let's further our mission to spread light, love, liberty, and positivity. We have spread the uplifting gospel for 5 years and counting. Let's do more! Contribute now so we can acquire TV and radio networks. The more gifts you give, the more gifts you win! Learn more about winning members-only prizes now!

Click the product links to gauge how much you may gift Destiny on each gift card!

 E-Gift Cards: The Container Store

Organization of our gifts below is critical. Let's make it happen!


 E-Gift Cards: IKEA

Aesthetic appeal, functionality, and comfortability of our recording studio is vital. Let's do this!

 E-Gift Cards: Apple Store

Our production devices are MAC compatible. See something that our broadcasts would benefit from? Gift it!

 E-Gift Cards: Amazon

Continuous improvement of our recording quality is vital. Contribute now!


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