Early Years

"My dad has been in prison all my life. And I have weathered many storms. But in essence, God blessed my life so that it shines as a light of hope for boys and girls who share the very same struggles."

-Destiny R. Jackson


On September 15, 1992, Destiny R. Jackson was born to teenage parents in the inner projects of Washington, D.C. Her biological father became incarcerated just 9 months before she was born. Growing up in the nation's capital during one of the most poverty stricken epochs, Destiny and her mom were homeless at one point.

In 1995, Destiny attended St. Patrick's Day Episcopal and thrived in the small student:teacher ratio. In 2000, Destiny became a homeschooled student. Today, Destiny highlights the opportunity of homeschooling as, "one of the best experiences of her life."

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Early Years

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