Fight For Our Kids With Parents In Prison

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Fight For Our Kids 

In the United States, around 2.7 million children have a mother or father in prison [1].

1 in 28 children have a parent in prison in the United States [2]. 

Kids with parents in prison are 5-6 times more likely to go to prison [3].

Most kids w/ a parent in prison see their parent go to prison before their 10th birthday [4].

All of these statistics impact children of color more than any other group of children [5]. 

Fight For Our Kids 

No more treating kids with parents in prison like they are invisible.

~ Destiny Jackson

Did you know that children and teens with parents in prison are at a greater risk of becoming incarcerated? Yes. More than 2.7 million American children have a parent in prison. That means at least 2.7 million of our kids are at a greater risk of going to prison. Devastating.
Expert testimony has proven time and time again that children with parents in prison thrive most from meaningful education, consistent mentorship, and positive role-models. In addition, many scholars and experts agree that neighborhood poverty and crime presents devastating influences on the childrens' social, behavioral, and psychological well-being. We call this the "proximity effect." In response, we must address critical opportunity gaps faced by children with parents in prison to ensure that they succeed.
Going beyond empathy, children and teenagers with parents in prison are often perceived and treated as “invisible,” both covertly and overtly. Constant rejection and judgement from teachers, peers, friends, and even family members, play a devastating role in crushing the psychological and emotional wholeness of children and teenagers with parents in prison. Anyone passionate about helping our kids understands this. Simply regurgitating statistics won’t change anything. But tenacious action will.


Fight For Our Kids 
Join Team Destiny Fundraising (TDF): Your fundraising propels the programs and initiatives that shield our kids with parents in prison from the pitfalls of poverty and the school-to-prison pipeline. The school-to-prison pipeline may be dismaying, but it is defeatable. And we are crushing it. We are ensuring that our kids with parents in prison have every tool they need to thrive and excel. Access your fundraising tool kit now.
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Join Team Destiny Story (TDS). If you have a parent in prison, then we would love to hear how the Destiny Jackson Foundation has helped you and your family! If you are a relative of a child with a parent in prison, then share your story, too. You are not alone. We are here for you. Your stories remind our other kids with parents in prison just how much they are loved. A non-judgmental, network of support is priceless. Share your story and read other stories. 
Join Team Destiny Research (TDR): The knowledge that you gather about mass incarceration and current issues impacting children with parents in prison is meaningful. If you enjoy drawing inferences from data and statistics, then share what you have learned with us! Share articles, fact sheets, documentaries, and online videos that keep us abreast. Tweet us what you've gathered.
Join Team Destiny Prayer (TDP): Prayer and purpose remains a key cornerstone of our success. We thank each and every one of our prayer partners for their fervent prayer. In recognition, we also must thank our strong prayer community of men and women in prison who pray for Destiny, for Team Destiny Members, and for the advancement of our good works. Post your prayer message.