Civic Leader and Advocate

"I want you to never forget that small tokens of gratitude change the world. And even in times of adversity, exhibiting benevolence has always made my heart smile and fostered many blessings. It's priceless."

-Destiny R. Jackson


From 2012 to 2016, Destiny Jackson served as a Voters Election Judge helping both provisional and non-provisional voters in local communities during Gubernatorial, Primary, and Presidential elections.  

In 2013, Destiny dedicated over 580 hours of public service to the American people as a White House Intern in the Office of Digital Strategy.

In February 2014, Destiny founded the Destiny Jackson Foundation to ensure that boys and girls with parents in prison have the financial, academic, and professional resources they need most to defy the odds placed upon them.

In June and November 2014, Destiny served during the Primary and Gubernatorial elections, assisting voters at the polls. 

During the 2016 primary and Presidential Elections, Destiny served as an election judge, once again, assisting voters at the polls during early voting and on Election Day. 

On March 1, 2017, Destiny spoke at American University, shedding light on the ills of mass incarceration and living with a parent in prison. 


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