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"My biological father has been in prison all of my life. And I've heard people say that children with parents in prison will be nothing more than a statistic like their parents. And I'm here to tell you that those people are wrong because I have defied the many odds placed upon me with my biological father in prison. The Destiny Jackson Foundation is a resource for you—providing you with mentorship, encouragement, educational videos, and advocacy. I know first hand the challenges that you face...Therefore, I'm taking a grassroots approach towards ensuring that you thrive today, tomorrow, and also for the future." 

~ Destiny R. Jackson, June 5, 2016 

4 Years of The Destiny Jackson Foundation

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Children and families impacted by parental incarceration continue to count on us. Everyone knows that our founder, Destiny, has dedicated her life's work to seeing children with parents in prison thrive and excel. Not only does our work and advocacy make a long-lasting impact on children with parents in prison from coast to coast, we continue to strengthen our support and mentorship for children with parents serving 20 years to life in prison. 

About the Destiny Jackson Foundation

In 2014, Destiny R. Jackson founded the Destiny Jackson Foundation to ensure that every child with a parent in prison thrives in the 21st century. The Foundation address critical opportunity gaps faced by children and teens with parents in prison.

The Facts

1. In the U.S., around 2.7 million children have a mother or father in prison

2. In the U.S., 1 in 28 children have a parent in prison 

3. Kids with parents in prison are 5-6 times more likely to go to prison 

4. Most children with a parent in prison witness their mom or dad go to prison before their 10th birthday 

5. All of these statistics impact children of color more than any other group of children 

The Negative Implications

It is no secret that children with parents in prison are at a greater risk of becoming incarcerated. More than 2.7 million American children have a parent in prison. That means at least 2.7 million of our kids are at a greater risk of becoming incarcerated. Devastating.

The Solution

In action, we are taking a grassroots approach to ensuring that children with parents in prison thrive in 5 main ways: academically, socially, emotionally, psychologically, and professionally.  
The Destiny Jackson Foundation is focused on 6 milestones. The first 3 milestones benefit children with parents in prison nationwide, including the foundation's beneficiaries with a parent serving 20 years to life in prison:
Closing Learning Gaps for Middle School Children and Older
Developing Keen Writing, Reading, and Critical Thinking Skills
Teaching Effective Communication in School, Work, and Everyday Life
All children with parents in prison must have a competitive start and enter school able to stay ahead of unforeseen learning curves.
 Applying to college or applying for internships, our mentees need the tools to reason logically and critically. 
Our students should embody the know-how to articulate in both bitter and sweet situations. Oral communication is a life skill.

    The latter 3 milestones are tailored for a select group of children in Washington D.C. and Maryland who have a parent in prison serving 20 years to life behind bars: 
    Graduating From High School Socially Competent
    Consistent College Mentorship and Guidance
    Nurturing Family Bonding and Group Counseling 
    More than ever, teens with a parent in prison are dropping out of high school due to depression, anxiety, and a lack of support. 
    Teens with parents in prison need consistent and continuous, 1-to-1 mentorship from their freshman to senior years of college. 
    Group reflection enables families to share what's on their mind in a safe, non-judgmental support network.  

    Writings and Press Releases

    Writing and research is one important pillar of our educational advocacy and awareness. Read more from our prison blog.

    Recent and Upcoming Events

    June 10, 2018: 3rd Intl. Annual Awareness Walk For Kids With Parents in Prison
    May 21, 2018: 4th Anniversary of the Destiny Jackson Foundation YouTube Channel 
    June 10, 2017: 2nd Intl. Annual Awareness Walk For Kids With Parents In Prison
    June 10: 2016: 1st Intl. Annual Awareness Walk For Kids with Parents in Prison

    Friday, June 10, 2016, marked the 1st annual celebration of International Awareness Day for Kids of Incarcerated Parents. In support, our founder—Destiny Jackson—pledged to walk 1 mile for kids with parents in prison. We partnered with @FEATforchildren and @KIPawareness. And so did others!!! Supporters from all over the globe joined in—posting their photos, sharing the message, and challenging themselves to walk more than 1 mile! Read more. 

    Take Action in Your Community 

    "Progressive action starts with people just like me and you."                

    Destiny R. Jackson


    By mobilizing your family, friends, and peers, you can be in charge of leading a team of folks who are just as committed to witness our kids with parents in prison thrive, just as much as we are. If you host a fundraiser and raise at least $2,000 in contributions, then Destiny will congratulate you personally via video chat! Need some help fundraising? No problem! Access your toolkit and tips.
    Also join our other action teams: 

    Share Your Story 

    "The Destiny Jackson Foundation changed my son's life. He made a complete turnaround. He was performing poorly in school. And his teachers said he was disruptive. I think he was struggling with finding his identity because his dad has been locked up. Now, he's in gifted and talented. I'm just so thankful, I could cry."

    ~ Joyce

    Many families have been positively impacted by the Destiny Jackson Foundation. And they continue to motivate us every day. Join the others and add your story to our Story Wall if:
    • You are a DJF mentee
    • You have a parent in prison 
    • You have been impacted by mass incarceration
    • You are a relative of a child or teen with a parent in prison
    • You would like to share positive affirmations of encouragement to Destiny, our volunteers, or our mentees

    Donate Now

    Help us build this foundation from the ground up. Your donations make our work possible. We use your donations to empower children whose parents are in prison, especially those with parents serving 20 years to life in prison. Your support helps us:

    Raise global and local awareness about the devastating impacts of parental incarceration
    Educate the next generation of students with parents in prison via online video lessons
    Build an online action network of resources that aids volunteers and supporters 


    We are keeping you informed. And by you, we mean our 3 main groups: our mentees, our parents, and our volunteers. View our full list of resources. 

    Stay Informed

    Follow us now! If you know a child or teen with a parent in prison, then encourage them to follow our pages for daily education, empowerment, and encouragement. Read more about joining the Awareness Team.
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